Calculus Java Applets

View a list of Java available applets.

NOTES on using the Java applet version of CalcPlot3D and other Java applets:

Firefox (starting with version 52 that released mid-March 2017) no longer supports Java applets like the Java version of CalcPlot3D and the CalcGrapher applet. (Chrome has not supported Java applets since 2015.)

There are still some options to continue to run Java applets, but these options are limited and not ideal.

Java applets will still run in Internet Explorer 11.

They also run in old versions of Firefox (version 51 and before) and in the Extended Support Release version of Firefox, versions 52 – 52.9 (see below) which has itself now been retired.  Here is a link to download the most recent release of this version: ESR Firefox v.52.9.0 June 25, 2018 (EXE)

If the Java applets on this site still do not work for you on a computer using the Extended Support Release of Firefox or Internet Explorer 11, you most likely need to install the newest version of the Java Plugin on your browser.

Eventually, even this option will likely go away, as all versions of Java after Java 8 (i.e., starting with Java 9) no longer even support the Java Plugin for the browsers.

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The Guided Tutorial (PDF) gives help on how to use the Java version of CalcPlot3D.