Customizing OER Textbooks on the LibreTexts Platform

The LibreTexts platform makes it easy for a professor to customize or create an OER textbook for their classes. OER content can be mixed together from multiple source books to create a professional, consistent custom book with chapters and sections numbered consecutively.  New content can be added wherever desired, including new sections, subsections, figures, or rewordings or explanations.

There are separate libraries for many STEM disciplines and even some non-STEM disciplines like the Humanities.

If you are interested in learning more about how to customize an OER textbook for a math course on the LibreTexts platform, see:

I have adapted LibreTexts for all my courses. Below are links to LibreTexts to my Calculus courses and Differential Equations.  The three calculus texts are adapted from OpenStax Calculus and the Differential Equations text is adapted from the Trench textbook.

Sections Created Completely by Prof. Seeburger:

Interactive Figures,Visualizations and Simulations created by Prof. Seeburger in LibreTexts