This page includes a series of small-group, guided, learning activities based on 3D-printed surfaces for various topics in single and multivariable calculus. They are all licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC license.

These activities are being developed with support from the NSF (NSF-IUSE-2121152).  They are likely not yet in their final form, as we will continue to use feedback and experience to iteratively revise and improve them.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them with us!

Note that each activity includes the STL files (or the .3mf Cura files) needed to 3D-print the corresponding surfaces.

  1. Shells and Washers (Volume of Revolution) Learning Activity
  2. Contour Plots Introduction Learning Activity
  3. Partial Derivatives Learning Activity
  4. Lagrange Multipliers Learning Activity (Note that this one makes use of clear plastic thermoformed mountainous surface.)
  5. Multiple Integration Activity (representing regions of integration with integrals in various coordinate systems).