Spring 2020 
syllabi & textbook info.

(Syllabi will be linked when available.)

PSY 205 syllabus (Social Psychology). Textbook note for fall and spring: The book will be available in the bookstore (should be about $110, but is also available elsewhere in different formats). The book is Aronson’s The Social Animal (12th ed.), ISBN: 9781464144189. This was new for fall, 2018.

There is an additional paperback “reader” (now 8th edition), Readings in Social Psychology (by Lesko, ISBN: 0205179673). It will be available in the bookstore. Note: If money is an issue, I will provide all of the additional readings as pdf files in Blackboard (not the main textbook, just these additional readings). You will be held responsible for these readings on tests. Furthermore, I will provide chapters from other books on Blackboard to cover some material that is not in The Social Animal.

PSY 101: Buy the book ASAP – the first test (covering “unit 1”) is at the end of the third week of class. The syllabus is now online at the Psychology Learning Center website (textbook information is there). Additionally, see my PSY 101 FAQ (frequently asked questions). And if you have never used the Psychology Learning Center for testing, you might want to scan through the PLC slideshow linked from my PSY 101 page.

PSY 101-Honors syllabus (Honors section of 101). There are two books: a customized textbook and a trade paperback. The custom textbook is Psychology: The Pearson Custom Library (2010) (ISBN 9780558620509, about $100); and the trade paperback is Lilienfeld’s 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology (ISBN: 9781405131124, about $25 and available anywhere).

PSY 108 syllabus (APA Style). Buy the new, 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual. This new edition (7th) is out, and you’ll need it. The cover is sort of orange; do not buy the old 6th edition (blue cover).

PSY 166 syllabus (Superstitions). Only one inexpensive book. The additional readings will be available online or handed out in class.

PSY 220 syllabus (Research Methods in Social Sciences). This course is online. There is one textbook: Beth Morling’s Research Methods in Psychology (ISBN: 9780393617542).

I will use Blackboard to backup in-class handouts (PSY 101-Honors, PSY-108, & 205 only). PSY-101 students (regular PSY-101) need to access Blackboard for testing. PSY-108 students will need to access Blackboard for class work. You can access Blackboard here. (Log in using your entire MCC email address and associated password. You should see our class listed once logged in.)

For general descriptions of the courses I teach, see my courses page, and to get an idea of how I teach, see my how I teach page.