Welcome to Psychology


The pages linked from here will help introduce you to the opportunities of studying psychology in college.

Why Psy, or why study psychology?
In this page I sort of introduce psychology, though not as it would be described in a textbook; it’s predominantly for students who don’t yet know much about psychology and are wondering whether it’s a field worth studying or even majoring in.
The Variety of Psychology
A brief view of the many sub-fields of psychology, to give you an idea of the wide variety of topics covered by psychology, and an idea of the wide variety of opportunities within psychology for those who choose to study it in more detail (taking it as a college minor, major, or for graduate study).
Comprehending Psychology
A heavier discussion about getting a view of scientific psychology from outside all the specific facts and theories; an attempt to help students see the forest and not just the trees.
Psychology Books, Psychology Teachers
In this page I describe the look of textbooks, with a little advice about how to read them, and I also take a shot at describing some of the variety you might encounter in the types of professors that teach your classes, although I don’t name names or even hint at real-life individuals.