Some miscellaneous material on researching (e.g., for a paper), writing, and studying.

If you’re trying to do research…

Psychology resources
If you want to search the web for psychology-related material, here are
a few places to start.

Citation help
Tips on citing source material found online (same as the “APA style”
link at left).

MCC Library
Opens a new window directly to the MCC library’s online home page.

Find a psychology department
Opens a new page. Hanover College Psychology Department’s links of psychology departments both in the U.S. and internationally. (Also try the listing found at PsychWeb.)

If you aren’t an expert writer…

How to write your psychology paper
A short manual for writing papers in psychology.

How to write an introduction
Some hints for writing the introductory section of a psychology paper.

Effective writing
What you should be doing when you’re writing a paper.

Not just a warning: it includes some good examples to help you distinguish
plagiarism from good paraphrasing. It’s very important that you know this.

Compare, contrast,…doubt
A little insight into what we teachers want you to do when we ask you to
compare and contrast.

A writing rubric
A checklist to help you analyze the quality of your written work.

If you’re not yet getting straight A’s…

What IS an education?
Maybe you just need to give some thought to what an education is.

Getting an A
Sometimes, you just have to change your habits.

Are you distracted?
Many classroom and study skills problems relate to distractions.

When college seems tough
One of those fatherly lectures you might want to slog through.

A “How-to-Study” video series
A cognitive psychologist explains study skills.

Surviving college
Less fatherly advice on surviving your college experience.

Ron Blue’s study guide
Written by a colleague of mine… good advice for studying.

Stupid questions?
You bet. Despite popular opinion, there are stupid questions.