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Road to Park CityListen to some music from the movie, “Road to Park City (MOV),” featuring John Viener (Family Guy), Paige Turco (Party of Five), Bobby Kennedy Jr., Christopher Lawford, Chef Tell and the Sundance Film Festival.

Fish in a Coral ReefHear Shaw’s Cousteau music with video from “Coral Reefs: Cities Under the Sea (MOV).”

Berklee College of Music: Studio Production ProjectsBerklee College of Music released a promotional CD with this song, “No One Here,” and includes a performance by classmate, Paula Cole.

Light Motion Dance Company logoListen to “The Laughing Game,” which is performed throughout the world with the Light Motion Dance Company. The company is most noted for their principle dancer, Charlene Curtiss, who draws international attention with her “redefined dance parameters and choreographic terminology of wheelchair movement work.”

“Laughing Game played with centrifugal force as Curtiss swirled around Petroff’s center point and flew off in tangents to new areas of the stage. Dr. David Shaw’s musical collage of laughter, tinkling bells and a breathy electronic swoosh of sound emphasized the light delicacy and smooth-sliding quality of the movement.”
Albuquerque Journal

“Laughing Game, … a confrontation between two commanding presences.”
— Jack Anderson, The New York Times

“The nifty, high energy piece … inspired spontaneous applause at several points.”
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

George Washington UniversityThis is some of the music from George Washington University’s Promotional Video (MOV). The two other musicians were MCC guitar student, Eric Katerle, playing the lead parts, and NY vocalist, Dee Adams.

Symphony in Three Movements

A symphony in the style of the twentieth-century composer Peter Mennin (1923-1983), reflecting his use of various compositional techniques such as tone clusters, polychords, quartal harmony, pandiatonicism, and pantriadicism. The score can be seen in the appendix of my dissertation (PDF).

Berklee College of MusicFollow Me Down” was a winner of the International Berklee College of Music Songwriters’ Competition.

The Weight of William TullyThe Weight of William Tully (MOV)” is an amazing animation by MCC professor, Jim Downer. Awards include the Tribeca Underground Film Festival, the Philadelphia Film Festival, and the ASIFA East Animation Festival.

Scene from the movie 'Ether'Lastly, listen to some music from this odd video, “The Temple of ETHER (MOV).”