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During the COVID-19 outbreak, all AAWCC-MCC Chapter face-to-face activities have been suspended until further notice.


Thanksgiving Spotlight on Student Support!

On November 18, 2020, the MCC Chapter for American Association of Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC), partnered with the Hospitality Department and Housing and Residence Life to provide a Thanksgiving holiday lunch for 50 MCC Res Hall students. These students were treated to a delicious meal that was planned, cooked, and plated by the Hospitality Department students. We would like to extend a sincere thank you and appreciation to Rebecca Griffin, Department Chair of the Hospitality Department, and Jamia Danzy, Director of Housing and Residence Life for their assistance in making this year’s AAWCC Thanksgiving event a success!!

Please contact AAWCCEvents@monroecc.edu for more information.


A message from Chapter President Susan Noonan:

Since the inception of our AAWCC-MCC Chapter over 25 years ago, this chapter has reflected the strength, the innovation and empowerment of our membership. Our chapter has strived to provide many different opportunities for members to engage with, to learn from, and to develop alongside one another.

As we approach the start of the Fall semester, continuing with our remote work and distance learning, we wish to offer relevant and accessible programming that strengthens us as individuals and collectively as a group. I would like to remind everyone that the changes and uncertainty that we all face allow us many creative opportunities and the ability to further our mission to provide continued growth for women in community colleges.

I am also happy to share that in light of the many financial challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, our chapter will offer all renewing members another year of membership at no cost to you. We will be paying the national membership fee for all renewing members, and offering a discounted $10 all-inclusive membership price to new members and retirees. *Additional discounts will also be offered to our student members.  A link to the membership application is below.

In closing, the MCC-Chapter of AAWCC continues to be a leader in supporting, educating, developing, and changing women’s lives. Continue to stay safe, strong, and strive to find the bright light to guide you through these challenges and opportunities. Remember the simple gestures are often most meaningful, so remember to smile, to laugh, and to share positivity with those around you. Something that brightens your day is probably something that will lighten someone else’s day a little too…

Susan Noonan
AAWCC MCC Chapter President

Picture of Susan M. Noonan, President Elect
MCC Chapter President
Susan M. Noonan

2020-2021 Membership Application

Community Support:
In the past, the local AAWCC-MCC chapter has offered members several opportunities to participate in community service projects, professional development programs, as well as networking opportunities. Through our membership survey, we learned our members love connecting with AAWCC and have grown to rely on our annual events, yet would like AAWCC to facilitate more sessions that deal with work-life / home-life balance. To that end, we are excited to announce the AAWCC Executive Committee has set Personal and Professional Development (PPD) as the focus of upcoming events. The AAWCC events you love attending (fall social, holiday luncheon, spring social)  will also incorporate a mini-PPD session. The goal with every PPD is for our members to have smart, simple takeaways that they feel empowered to implement into their daily life. We are building an exciting schedule that will soon be released to our membership.