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About Us

What we do
“The Monroe Community College (MCC) Community Relations Department is committed to championing forward-thinking and innovative strategies that cultivate meaningful connections between the College and its diverse community.

Our purpose is to proactively engage, inspire, and collaborate with internal and external community members, fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment that reflects the College’s commitment to excellence, accessibility, and lifelong learning.

Through effective communication methods, strategic partnerships, and creative initiatives, we highlight the leadership role that MCC plays in the educational landscape, positioning MCC as a beacon of innovation and collaboration with the communities we serve to advance the College’s mission.”

Who we are

Title Name Phone
Director Patrick Morris (585) 292-3024
Assistant Director Veronica Chiesi Brown (585) 292-3063
Secretary Sharon Rappenecker (585) 292-3016


Where we are located
Brighton Campus
1000 East Henrietta Road
Spina Administration Building
Suite 1-313