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MCC President to Discuss Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Affecting Higher Ed and the College

September 27, 2021

WHAT:           Monroe Community College will hold a virtual Diversity Conference, Forging a Path to an Inclusive Campus Culture, aimed at increasing awareness of inequities in higher education and exploring how colleges and universities can become stronger champions for diversity, equity and inclusion on campus and in local communities.

Among the speakers is MCC President DeAnna R. Burt-Nanna, who will address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion affecting higher education and share her vision for the college.


WHERE:        A Zoom link to the “Q&A with MCC President” session will be provided to media representatives a day prior to the event upon request; please email your request to Hency Yuen-Eng by noon Thursday, Sept. 30.

The virtual conference is free and open to the public. Information:


WHEN:           9-10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 1

The conference features equity coaches from New York University’s Center for Strategic Solutions who will guide participants in developing ways to better serve students.


DETAILS:       The unfortunate facts are that students of color:

  • Earn below average wages and, therefore, are more likely to qualify for Pell grants.
  • Withdraw from college without a degree at a higher rate than their Caucasian peers. As a result, they have higher rates of student loan debt burdens and defaulting on their loans.
  • Are underrepresented in fastest-growing, high-wage fields in STEM and health.

MCC reflects a national trend of public, two-year, degree-granting institutions becoming majority minority. Within the next five to six years, students of color will constitute the majority of the population enrolled in MCC.

Among MCC’s top five priorities for 2021-22 and beyond is elevating its mission of access and opportunity to ensure no one and no ZIP codes are left behind in its commitment to improving quality of life across our region. Scheduled to open early next year on MCC’s Downtown Campus, the Finger Lakes Workforce Development Center will support MCC’s efforts.

Comments on the Diversity Conference or topic may appear on Twitter via #MCCDiversity.

Media Contact
Hency Yuen-Eng