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MCC Scholars Awarded for Original Research, Creative Works

May 26, 2021

Twenty-one Monroe Community College students received scholarship awards for their original research and creative works showcased at the college’s virtual Scholars’ Day through May 31.

Scholars’ Day is one of MCC’s highly attended events, with presenters across disciplines competing for awards. The event provides a platform for students, faculty and staff to showcase their outstanding works such as research and writing projects, theatrical performances, exhibits, symposia, panel discussions and robotics demonstrations.

This year’s top presenters were awarded prizes ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 for a total of $24,000, thanks to Monroe Community College Foundation supporters and the ESL Charitable Foundation:

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

  • 1st place: Modular Design Applied to Aerial and Terrestrial Robotic Systems
    Melody Kohut, Abdul Latif, Ryan McVeigh, Ricardo Ndoole
  • 2nd place: Optimizing Car Design Using SOLIDWORKS
    Anthony Burroughs
  • 3rd place: Mission: Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicle Navigation
    Victoria Beach, Kelsi Biondolillo, Thomas Stearns, Tanner Richardson



  • 1st place: “Ave gratia plena Dominus tecum”: The Progression of Perspective and Iconography in Italian Annunciation Painting from the Trecento to the Cinquecento
    Daniel Heberle
  • 2nd place: The Mind-Brain Identity Theory and Bats
    Victoria Kremer
  • 3rd place: Blood and Bayonets: The Third of May 1808 and Transforming the Romanticism of War
    Daniel Heberle



  • 1st place: Five-Year Assessment of “Student Self-Tracking for Success in the Classroom”
    Adrianna Robinson
  • 2nd place: Invisible Walls: Segregation in Monroe County
    Gillian Moore
  • 3rd place: Bridging the Digital Divide for Middle and High School Students: A Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action Project
    Sherinne Cauwels, Heonmin Lee, Karen Lewis, Julia Babcock, Ahilan Guruparan



  • 1st place: The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations: Black Male Students, Affluent Schools, and Downward Economic Mobility
    Ruben Ortiz
  • 2nd place: Juvenile Offenders and the U.S. Court System: Effects and One Possible Alternative
    Maris Breaton
  • 3rd place: Rehabilitation and the Reduction of Prisons: Beginning the Re-Humanization Process
    Sophia Jonasse

Presentations were judged on originality, creativity and the scholars’ depth of understanding of the topic. Videos of students’ presentations are available online for MCC members and the community at large to view ( through Monday, May 31.

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