• The Faculty Senate shall be the representative governing body of the Faculty.
  • It shall develop and recommend policies and guidelines in all areas of Faculty responsibility.
  • The Faculty Senate shall, through its President, inform the President of the College of its recommendations.
  • The Faculty Senate shall be the voice of the Faculty to the President of the College, to other administrative officers as appropriate, and to other faculties and groups.


  • The Faculty Senate carries out the academic governance process through judicious and timely deliberations.
  • It also ensures through the electoral process a broad participatory role from individual units in the initiation, development, implementation, and evaluation of the educational program at Monroe Community College.
  • In addition, the Faculty Senate structure provides for an organized liaison between the Faculty and the President of the College, other administrative officers, and the College Community at large.

Senators should visit our Brightspace site to access Senate materials and discussions.

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