2023-09-19 SGA Minutes

September 19th, 2023
2:16 pm, Forum, Room 3-130

In Attendance

Student Senators

  • Senator Mohamed Souhail
  • Senator Jemeah Scott
  • Senator Mandie McGinnis
  • Senator Thomas Adams
  • Senator Ashley Wrobeh

Election Coordinator

  • Naz Barmak


  • Paula Balow


  • Joseph Leichtner

Vice President of Governance

  • Angelo Romero

Vice President of Downtown

  • Mandie McGinnis


  • Zeynep Guney

Chief of Staff

  • Ava Allen

Secretary of Governance

  • Ivy Zin

Student Trustee

  • Ana Santos

Office of Student Life

  • Advisor: Jodi Oriel
  • Faculty Advisor: Mark Sample


  • Shirley B. Provost, Asst. Director of Multicultural Center-Model United Nations Program
  • Marino Yamauchi (Student)
  • Ryan Messenger, Academic + Student Affairs
  • Virginia Geer-Mentry, MCCA
  • Becky Babcock, Faculty Senate
  • Tarush Ghai, Campus Activities Board
  • Giomar Garcia-Maldonado (Student)


Call to Order (2:16 pm)

  1. Roll Call (see attendance above)
    Vice President of Governance Romero called for a roll call to start the senate meeting.
  2. Land Acknowledgement
  3. Approval of Minutes
    1. Vice President of Governance Romero called for a motion to approve the September 12th, 2023, Student Government Association minutes.
    2. Senator Scott so moved, seconded by Senator Adams
    3. A vote was taken.
    4. Be it resolved, the Monroe Community College Student Government Association approves the September 12th, 2023, minutes as written.

Speak to the Senate

  1. Shirley B.Provost, Asst. Director of Multicultural Center – Model United Nations Program
    Shirley B. Provost, Director of Multicultural Center, presented the Model United Nations Program with the details and requirements regarding the program. Model United Nations Program is four credit hours and an honor course. The deadline for application is October 29, 2023. The information sessions are mandatory for the students who are interested in applying to the program.
  2. Ryan Messenger, Academic + Student Affairs
    Ryan Messenger introduced himself to the senate as an Associate Vice President for Student Development. He wanted to make sure that he introduced himself to the new faces in the Senate.
  3. Becky Babcock, Faculty Senate
    Becky Babcock, the President of the Faculty Senate, introduced herself to the senate and emphasized the communication between faculty and students.


  1. President Leichtner
    President Leichtner was the master of ceremony for MCC’s 22nd 9/11 commemoration service. He has been working on planning this event with SGA for months and is pleased with how it turned out. He would also like to thank everyone who attended, and who helped remember and commemorate all those who sacrificed. Additionally, President Dr. Burton Anna, Adam Bello, and Mark Maddalina were some of the featured speakers.
    On 09/12/23. President Leichtner ran the first Club and Organizations Council Meeting from 4:00 to 5:00pm. He also handed out Turbovote flyers he helped design and explained the process to all of the Clubs and organizations.
    On 09/13/23, President Leichtner attended the Sustainability Steering Committee meeting, of which he is a member. The committee discussed showing a movie during college hours regarding sustainability, a pledge to reduce the use of single-use plastics, and potential improvements to the recycling content of the papers the school uses. President Leichtner is excited to be on this committee and help come up with ways to make SGA and MCC more sustainable.
    President Leichtner also wrote his report to the President’s Executive Leadership team regarding the 9/11 ceremony and how it interfaced with her Vision 2027 goal Together as One.
    Furthermore, President Leichtner introduced himself to the Student Government President of Cayuga Community College, Corning Community College, Finger Lakes Community College, and Onondaga Community College in his capacity as a SUNY Student Assembly Community College Representative.
  2. Vice President Romero
    On September 11, 2023, Vice President Romero Attended the 9/11 Memorial with all of SGA. He would open up the memorial with the presentation of the colors and say the pledge of allegiance. I was also there to comfort President Leichtner to make sure he was okay and needed anything to prepare and needed assistance. The whole message behind the memorial was about unity and how unity was essential even in these dark times. And we can never forget about the victims that lost their lives due to this event.
    On September 12, 2023, Vice President Romero attended the first club and organization event. Seeing some of the club/org reports. This same day, Vice President Romero went with Student Trustee Santos, Secretary of Governance Zin, Health and Wellness Senator Wrobeh, and Election Coordinator Barmak to meet with President Dr. Burt-Nanna and Chief of Staff Dr. Baldwin to show the new and improved Student Breakroom.
  3. Vice President of Downtown McGinnis
    On September 12th, 2023, SGA held the academic year’s first club and organization senate meeting. All reports were full of exciting plans to excite and engage the student body, plus so many amazing fundraising and community service plans. Thank you to all the clubs and orgs for your leadership and service to MCC and the community.
    September 13th Vice President McGinnis attended and tabled at the Student Life Fair, along with the Disability Awareness and Criminal Justice Clubs on the Downtown campus. There was a good turnout with students signing up to get more information about student life, joining a club, and interest in starting clubs. Students were also given the opportunity to register to vote using Turbovote. SGA is sponsoring the Turbovote competition between all clubs and organizations on campus to prompt voter registration and civic participation. The competition runs until October 13th, with prizes awarded. Pancakes with the President on September 14th, Vice President McGinnis had the pleasure of a much-needed breakfast brain break with a favorite anytime meal of mine, pancakes. Served by President Burt-Nanna and greeted with a warm smile the students excitedly waited for what seemed to be a needed brain break for many. Thank you, President Burt-Nanna for the bright spot in our day.
  4. Treasurer Guney
    Treasurer Guney has no reports for this week.
  5. Secretary of Governance Zin
    Secretary of Governance Zin attended the 9/11 ceremony with the rest of the student government members. She sang Amazing Grace with student trustee Ana Santos. Secretary of Governance Zin attended her first Club and Organization event and had the opportunity to review the reports from all the clubs and organizations on September 12, 2023. After the event, Secretary of Governance Zin went with Vice President Romero, Health, and Wellness Senator Wrobeh, and election coordinator Barmak to meet with President Dr.Burt-Nanna and Chief of Staff Dr.Baldwin to show the renovated Student Breakroom. Secretary Zin was at the Student Life fair on September 13th, 2023, and met with new students who are interested in joining SGA.
  6. Chief of Staff Allen
    Chief of Staff Allen attended the 9/11 memorial this past Monday. At the memorial, we had wonderful guest speakers such as President Dr. Burton Anna, Adam Bello, and Mark Maddalina. Thank you to everyone who came and showed their support to the veterans and lost loved ones.
  7. Student Relations Senator Adams
    This week Senator Adams attended the Student Life Fair and interacted with the many students there. Particularly walking around the school asking students if they had registered to vote and giving those who hadn’t a website via QR code to do just that. Later in the week, ideas were being drafted with the hope of high school and community outreach for our campus. These big plans will be revealed at the President’s meeting later next month as a part of a committee. One of the main things that took place was the Club and Orgs meeting which was especially important as engaging with them is something Senator Adams wished to do more of during the semester. Therefore, it was good to establish a new face with some of those members and leaders.
  8. Health and Wellness Senator Wrobeh
    Ashley Wrobeh is the Health and Wellness Senator for the 2023 to 2024 school year.
    This past week Senator Wrobeh attended a student life fair and talked with interested students about the Student Government Association and the responsibilities of student government. Many students were interested, and many applications were received that day. She also talked to students about registering to vote and why their vote matters. The turbo vote flier with the Student Government Association’s QR code was also printed and used during the Student Life Fair.
    Senator Wrobeh also talked with the head of the Monroe Doctrine at the Student Life Fair, regarding the advice column that she is working on. Senator Wrobeh held office hours on Wednesday from 11:00am to 3:00pm.
  9. Diversity Senator Scott
    Senator Scott attended the senate meeting on Tuesday where she gave an introductory report to those that attended. During the Student Life Fair, Senator Scott stood at the student government table and helped with voter registration and signing people up for student government roles. Senator Scott continued to work on the presidential report throughout the week and changed office hours to 3:30pm to 5:30pm on Wednesdays and 1:00pm to 2:00pm on Fridays.
  10. Election Coordinator Barmak
    Over the past week, the Student Government Election Coordinator, Barmak, has dedicated herself to a series of impactful activities. She has diligently prepared for the upcoming board meeting involving MCC’s strategic plan of Vision 2027, contributing to discussions on the SGA’s long-term strategic vision. Her focus is the second direction of Vision 2027 which is having a student-centered college that extends to the planning and discussion of future events, with a particular focus on the smooth execution of “Vote Registration Day.” As the election coordinator, she continues to ensure success in serving the student body by working together with other members of the team. She has also prepared for Wednesday, September 20, which is tomorrow, so that the activities run smoothly such as the snack and chat, constitution day, and voter registration day. To do this she also talked with the past election coordinator and learned more about her role as the election coordinator.
  11. Athletic Senator Souhail
    Mohamed Souhail, the athletic senator, attended the solemn 9/11 ceremony held on the campus on September 11, 2023. The event marked a significant moment of remembrance for the tragic events of that day in 2001.
    Mohamed Souhail joined fellow students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community in paying tribute to the lives lost during the 9/11 attacks. The ceremony, which included moments of reflection, speeches, and the lighting of candles, provided an opportunity for the college community to come together in unity and remember the events that reshaped the nation.

New Business

  1. Action Items (requires a senate vote)
    1. Resolution for the appointment of Giomar Garcia-Maldonado
      • Resolved, the Monroe Community College Student Government Association approves the appointment of Giomar Garcia-Maldonado.
      • Vice President Romero called for a motion to approve the resolution.
      • Senator Scott so moved, second by Senator Adams.
      • Discussion: Giomar Garcia-Maldonado has met all the requirements to be appointed by the Student Government Association.
      • A vote was taken. The resolution passed.
      • Be it resolved, the senate presents and votes that the Student Government Association appoints Giomar Garcia-Maldonado as the club and organization senator at Monroe Community College.
    2. Resolution for Senator Souhail to vote by Absentee vote.
      • Senator Scott so moved, Second by Senator Wrobeh.
      • Discussion: Mohamed Souhail is a valuable member of the Soccer Team and SGA Team.
      • A vote was taken. The resolution was passed.
      • Be it resolved, the senate presents and votes that the Student Government Association approves that Senator Souhail vote by Absentee Vote.

Discussion Items

  1. There were no discussion items.

Old Business

  1. There was no old business.

Questions and Comments

  1. There were no questions or comments.


  1. Vice President Romero called for a motion for adjournment.
  2. Meeting was adjourned at 3:11 pm.

Executive Session

Respectfully submitted,
Ivy Zin
Secretary of Governance