League For Innovation Art Competition

The League for Innovation was founded in 1968 by B. Lamar Johnson and a dozen U.S. community and technical college presidents. With over 50 years of service to community colleges, the League is recognized as one of the primer higher education organizations in the U.S. and Canada. 

The League’s board of directors (which includes MCC), consists of CEOs from 19 of the most influential, resourceful, and dynamic community colleges and districts in the world and provides strategic direction for its ongoing activities. And to date, the League Alliance consists of almost 500 institutional members.

League activities and initiatives (such as the League’s Art Competition) center on essential topics for community colleges, including diversity, equity, and inclusion; information technology; leadership development; learning and student success; research and practice; and workforce development.

Each college that is a League member is allowed to submit five pieces to the competition, which is then juried for top prizes. At MCC, we allow every art student to submit up to three images for consideration, and all of these works are then juried by participating faculty. The top five selected are then sent on to the national competition.

Refer to the sub-menu for the five selected pieces from each year.