Welcome to the Learning Communities

A learning community is an exciting new way to take courses at both campuses. 

A learning community is a group of students who take two or more courses together. The courses are coordinated by two or more faculty who work closely together. Typically each learning community has a theme. Most writing assignments and projects are coordinated and are used in the Learning Community courses.

The Learning Communities for Fall 2019 at the Downtown Campus are:

Theme: Just Write – Effective Writing for Careers in Law & Criminal Justice

For the programs in Criminal Justice, please contact Valerie Olivieri at 585-686-6009 or volivieri@monroecc.edu

CRJ 101 CL2 (crn 13629) (Introduction to Criminal Justice) 
CRJ 103 CL2 (crn 13630) (Constitutional Law)
TRS 200 CL2 (crn 23915) (Integrated Reading &  Writing )

CRJ 101 CL1 (crn 10621) (Intro to Criminal Justice)
CRJ 103 CL1 (crn 10593) (Constitutional Law)
TRS 200 CL1 (crn 20275) (Integrated Reading & Writing)

LAW 101 CL1 (crn 19424) (Introduction to Law)
TRS 100 CL1 (crn 21945) (Integrated Reading & Writing) 
COS 133 CL1 (crn 10762) (College Orientation and Success Strategies)

Here are other Learning Communities in other departments:


EDU 100 CL4 (crn 11143) (Introduction to Education)
COS 101 CL4  (crn 18618) (College Orientation Seminar)

HUM 101-CC6 (CRN 15388)  Introduction to Human Services
HUM 111-CC6 (CRN 15391)  Field Work in Human Services I-SV
ENG 101-C09 (CRN 10430)   College Composition-WR


ENG 101-C1A (CRN 22693)  College Composition-WR
TRS 099-C1A (CRN 23855)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-C2A (CRN 23872)  College Composition-WR
TRS 099-C2A (CRN 23856)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-C3A (CRN 23873)  College Composition-WR
TRS 099-C3A (CRN 23857)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-C4A (CRN 23974)  College Composition-WR
TRS 099-C4A (CRN 23858)   College Composition Support


ENG 101-SLA (CRN 22694)  College Composition-WR
TRS 099-SLA (CRN 23859)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-SLB (CRN 23875)  College Composition-WR
TRS 099-SLB (CRN 23860)   College Composition Support

MTH 099-SL8 (CRN 15328)   Elementary Algebra Review Lab (non-credit)
MTH 104-SL8 (CRN 22654)   Intermediate Algebra

The Learning Communities for Fall 2019 at the Brighton Campus are: 

ACC 101-BL1 (CRN 23924)  Accounting Principles I
BUS 104-BL1 (CRN 23925)  Introduction to Business-WR
TRS 200-BL1 (CRN 23926)  Integrated Reading and Writing II (non-credit)

ACC 101-SL9 (CRN 23922)  Accounting Principles I
BUS 104-SL9 (CRN 23923)  Introduction to Business-WR
REA 100-SL9 (CRN 21869)  Reading and Thinking in Business

COS 133-BL1 (CRN 15804)  College Orientation and Success Strategies
TRS 100-BL1 (CRN19374)    Integrated Reading and Writing I (non-credit)-Accelerated

PSY 101-BL1 (CRN 23268)  Introduction to Psychological Science
REA 100-BL1 (CRN 23269)  Reading and Thinking in PSY 101


ENG 101-01A (CRN 23861)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-01A (CRN 23841)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-02A (CRN 23862)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-02A (CRN 23842)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-03A (CRN 17853)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-03A (CRN 23843)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-04A (CRN 22695)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-04A (CRN 23844)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-05A (CRN 23864)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-05A (CRN 23845)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-06A (CRN 22696)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-06A (CRN 23846)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-07A (CRN 23865)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-07A (CRN 23847)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-08A (CRN 23867)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-08A (CRN 23848)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-09A (CRN 23301)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-09A (CRN 23849)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-11A (CRN 20748)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-11A (CRN 23851)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-12A (CRN 23869)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-12A (CRN 23852)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-13A (CRN 23870)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-13A (CRN 23853)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-14A (CRN 23281)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-14A (CRN 23850)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-15A (CRN 23901)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-15A (CRN 23900)   College Composition Support

ENG 101-16A (CRN 23904)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-16A (CRN 23905)   College Composition Support


MTH 099-BL4 (CRN 23238)   Elementary Algebra Review Lab (non-credit)
MTH 104-BL4 (CRN 23239)   Intermediate Algebra

MTH 099-BL5 (CRN 23240)   Elementary Algebra Review Lab (non-credit)
MTH 104-BL4 (CRN 23241)   Intermediate Algebra

MTH 104-BL1 (CRN 10746)   Intermediate Algebra-Fast Track
MTH 165-BL1 (CRN 10831)   College Algebra-Fast Track

MTH 104-B21 (CRN 13608)   Intermediate Algebra-Fast Track
MTH 165-BL2 (CRN 10834)   College Algebra-Fast Track

MTH 104-BL3 (CRN 23252)   Intermediate Algebra-Fast Track
MTH 165-BL3 (CRN 23253)   College Algebra-Fast Track

MTH 150-BL1 (23324)           Survey of Mathematics
TRS 080-BL1 (CRN 23323)   Foundations for Survey of Mathematics

MTH 150-BL2 (CRN 23325)   Survey of Mathematics
TRS 080-BL2 (CRN 23322)   Foundations for Survey of Mathematics

MTH 165-BL6 (CRN 23799)   College Algebra-Fast Track
MTH 175-BL6 (CRN 23800)   Precalculus Fast Track

TRS 092-BL3 (CRN23827)     Basic Math (non-credit)
TRS 100-BL3 (CRN 23828)    Integrated Reading and Writing I (non-credit)


ENG 101-80A (CRN 22692)  College Composition – WR
TRS 099-80A (CRN 23854)   College Composition Support